Exercise Improves Mental Clarity

Exercise lets you live longer. Since you’re apparently experiencing the “perfect life,” then you wouldn’t want to cut it drastically short through premature death now, would you? You may not feel it now, but after 30 years old, you start to lose as much as 10 % every year of your aerobic capacity. Regular exercises not only prevents that, it even makes you aerobically fit no matter how old you are, keeping stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and even some cancers at bay. This article was inspired by a team of plumbers in Lebanon TN who were unable to stay focused throughout his week.

Picture of a man exercising for mental clarity.


Frequent physical activity helps stave off depression and significantly improves your mood. Exercise makes you feel better and relaxes your body, thanks to the brain chemical released during a workout. These “feel good” endorphins boost your mood. It encourages you to take steps to reduce stress through constant physical activity and energy food substances for a long time.


One of the best perks of working out is that it positively improves your sex life. Not only does it give you the endurance necessary for a pleasant time in bed, but it also prevents problems like erectile dysfunction and impotence from happening. For both men and women, regular exercise restores libido and heightens arousal. And while we’re on bed matters, working out also promotes better sleep regardless of whether you’ve had a lovely romp before hitting the sack. Enough said.


Regular physical activity increases energy, endurance, and mental clarity. People who exercise are more able to cope with the demands of daily living. Mothers who have to run after seemingly active toddlers regularly, mind the house and keep a business running at the same time can surely appreciate the boost of energy offered by exercise. With increased power, you get more focused and productive, allowing you to get things done on time. Moreover, training gives you mental clarity and concentration. It allows your brain to “zone in” on the things you need to do and do it with a minimum of errors.


An exercise is also a form of detoxification. It rids your body of unwanted toxins that regularly weigh you down and make your body feel as if you’re carrying a big amount of lead. Exercise out makes you feel lighter and infinitely more comfortable with your own body.


Finally, exercise manages your weight levels. True, you may not be fat now, but regular physical activity prevents you from unnecessarily gaining those extra pounds. Call it a precautionary measure. Besides, working out does not necessarily have to mean a structured regimen. You can do something quite fun and still burn the calories too.


Don’t be fooled. Feeling and looking good does not necessarily mean that you are healthy on the inside. There are a ton of other reasons (besides losing the weight) why you must get your butt moving more often. Exercise allows you to experience in life at its best and live it to the fullest.


Partly because high-intensity training is quite affordable and available in numerous gyms globally. In essence, these routines involve short bursts of high-intensity exercises that’ll help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system.

Most Common Rules Of Airsoft

Airsoft guns are not real firearms, but the same awareness and safety practices still apply. I dare say the chance of injury may be elevated do the perception of airsoft guns as toys. However, the following are the most common sense rules when handling airsoft guns that can ensure a fun and safe day at the field.

– Treat the gun like a loaded one –

The gun should be checked personally to see if it is unloaded. Even after the magazine has been taken out, the gun should be fired at a safe place to discharge all the loaded chambers. Then the battery source should be disconnected.

The gun should be checked personally to see if it is unloaded. Even after the magazine has been taken out, the gun should be fired at a safe place to discharge all the loaded chambers. Then the battery source should be disconnected. Given the small size of the airsoft bbs and considering the fact that the airsoft guns usually don’t chamber and also clear in a similar manner as the real firearms, thus chance of the Rouge bbs being available in the gun is greater than the real firearm. The simple fact that the airsoft guns don’t need ammo to complete a firing action means they will possible fire anything that is in the barrel. A piece of dirt or the patch you used to clean your barrel may fly out even though there are no airsoft bbs in the gun.

– Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to fire –

The finger should not be wrapped around the trigger when you are not firing. Otherwise, you may accidentally pull the trigger and hit an unsuspecting target or injure others.

– Never aim at a target you do not want to destroy –

The gun should always be aimed in a very safe direction when not firing. It always pays to be careful while unloading the gun also. Unless you want to destroy the target, never aim at it as accidents have a way of happening at the most unforeseen moments.

– Determine what lies beyond before shooting –

Sometimes you may miss or over-penetrate your target. This may lead to injuring an unsuspecting target or someone without proper safety equipment. So know what lies beyond before taking aim.

– Never consume alcohol before handling a gun –

Alcohol, drugs or sedatives can influence your action and could lead to accidents. So they should be avoided during game play.

– Keep your gun under lock and key –

When one is not engaged in the gameplay, it is important for one clear the weapon. One can remove the airsoft magazine from the airsoft gun and also fire at least 2 times to clear the barrel and also feed tube. Also place the airsoft gun safe and then apply the barrel protector. Be sure to place your airsoft gun in some form of gun case or bag, especially when transporting in a vehicle or carrying it to and from the car. Do not carry, transport, or display, in any fashion, your airsoft gun to the general public.Protect your gun and store it in a safe place away from ammunition as well as theft. The gun should also be protected while being transported from one place to another.

By respecting the laws and regulations and adhering to the safety measures, we can make Airsoft guns safe and play positively in the spirit of the game.

Brain Foods For Better Focus

If you have to knuckle down to complete work, then using foods with nootropic effects can help you to focus better and to enjoy enhanced cognitive prowess. While you shouldn’t expect any food to turn you into Bradley Cooper in Limitless, the right foods can nevertheless help to make you smarter over time and give you that little mental ‘boost’ that will provide you with the focus you need. Here we will look at some of the top brain foods and how they work.

Picture of healthy food on a kitchen table
Better Focus | Healthy Foods


The Best Brain Foods and Drinks

Tea is perhaps the most widely used nootropic due to its caffeine content. Caffeine can help us to fight tiredness and will also encourage concentration and memory. Many of us have grown almost reliant on it for waking up for work, getting through heavy workloads and studying for hours on end. Caffeine isn’t the only benefit of tea though, as it is also rich in antioxidants which can help prevent deterioration of the brain. Meanwhile, mint teas can help to refresh and reinvigorate you, while the heat of any hot brew can encourage good circulation. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then using herbal teas can do an even better job than regular tea – particularly as many of them have additional nootropic ingredients.

Tuna fish is high in Omega 3 fatty acid. This is an essential fatty acid which is good for the joints, a powerful antioxidant but also very good for improving brain function and preventing dementia. This isn’t going to instantly make you smarter; rather it will take a lot of time for the effects to be noticeable – and don’t eat too much as it’s also high in mercury.

Amino Acids
Amino acids are the building blocks that make up proteins, and many of these are particularly crucial for our brain function. Apart from anything else, the fact that your brain is made from protein means you need to get amino acids just to maintain it and repair damage over time.

Complex Carbs
Your brain runs on sugar just the same way that the rest of your body does. If you feel yourself starting to flag when you want to be working then, it may be that your blood is low in sugar. Complex carbs are carbohydrates such as bread and pasta which the body takes longer to process and which provide a steady flow of energy throughout the day. Add more complex carbs to your diet, and you’ll find that you can focus for longer without getting tired and distracted.

Do you know what a hangover is? It’s dehydration which causes the blood vessels in your brain to constrict resulting in that painful migraine. This gives you a clue on how important water is for brain function, so make sure to drink plenty particularly when you’re flexing that gray matter.

Bananas are high in dopamine which is the reward chemical in the brain. They are a great source of carbs and energy, so eating one a while before you settle down to work can help to boost your mood and your focus.

Necessary Tactical Gear for Airsoft Battle

Picture of an airsoft player in battle.

Tired of paintball and its awkward guns and painful ammo? Do you want realism and not kids’ games? Do you want to feel like a real soldier and not some weekend geek trying to prove his manhood?


The answer to all of these questions may lie in the growing activity of airsoft battle.

What Is Airsoft?


It is the competition to paintball. This fun activity uses rubber BBs as ammo, which stings a little bit, which is then shot out of toy guns made from the molds that are used to produce the real version. You can choose between the AK47, M5 and many more gun varieties.


It is played like paintball but the main difference is that it focuses on realism although the BBs should not cut you or cause you to bleed. Just wear the right protective gear.


Tactical Gear:


1. Eye Protection— Like paintball you need eye protection to play this warfare game. Protecting the eyes is very important that is why you should have a pair of high-quality goggles that fit comfortably over your face.


2. Face Protection—If you look like Cary Grant then you may want to consider face protection If you look like CarrotTop, well… 


3. Long legs and sleeves—If you hate pain, then protect your body with long legged pants and long sleeved shirts These will help protect you from the scratches that come from brushing up against bushes and trees or falling on rocks.


4. Extra Ammunition—You do not want to be caught short of ammo. You might want to pick up some extra speed loaders and magazines as well.


5. Knee Pads—Do we need to say more?


6. Gloves– A sensitive area on your body actually lies in your hands and fingers It is best to keep these covered as gloves will protect against rocks, trees, and other natural dangers as well as the sting of the BBs. But keep them comfortable.


7. Boots—Protect your feet with good, comfortable and broken in boots. You will rely on your feet a lot in this game so make sure to take care of them so they can take care of you in battle.


8. Equipment Rig—This apparatus carries most of your equipment so make it durable and sturdy


9. Pouches—Pockets may be inconvenient to put your extra magazines so a good pouch will help make reloading faster.


10. A Good Hat—This will protect your eyes from sweat and the sun as well as your head from those stinging BBS


These are the top 10 tactical gear that is necessary went you play airsoft. You will have more fun if you come prepared.