Necessary Tactical Gear for Airsoft Battle

Tired of paintball and its awkward guns and painful ammo? Do you want realism and not kids’ games? Do you want to feel like a real soldier and not some weekend geek trying to prove his manhood?


The answer to all of these questions may lie in the growing activity of airsoft battle.

What Is Airsoft?


It is the competition to paintball. This fun activity uses rubber BBs as ammo, which stings a little bit, which is then shot out of toy guns made from the molds that are used to produce the real version. You can choose between the AK47, M5 and many more gun varieties.


It is played like paintball but the main difference is that it focuses on realism although the BBs should not cut you or cause you to bleed. Just wear the right protective gear.


Tactical Gear:


1. Eye Protection— Like paintball you need eye protection to play this warfare game. Protecting the eyes is very important that is why you should have a pair of high-quality goggles that fit comfortably over your face.


2. Face Protection—If you look like Cary Grant then you may want to consider face protection If you look like CarrotTop, well… 


3. Long legs and sleeves—If you hate pain, then protect your body with long legged pants and long sleeved shirts These will help protect you from the scratches that come from brushing up against bushes and trees or falling on rocks.


4. Extra Ammunition—You do not want to be caught short of ammo. You might want to pick up some extra speed loaders and magazines as well.


5. Knee Pads—Do we need to say more?


6. Gloves– A sensitive area on your body actually lies in your hands and fingers It is best to keep these covered as gloves will protect against rocks, trees, and other natural dangers as well as the sting of the BBs. But keep them comfortable.


7. Boots—Protect your feet with good, comfortable and broken in boots. You will rely on your feet a lot in this game so make sure to take care of them so they can take care of you in battle.


8. Equipment Rig—This apparatus carries most of your equipment so make it durable and sturdy


9. Pouches—Pockets may be inconvenient to put your extra magazines so a good pouch will help make reloading faster.


10. A Good Hat—This will protect your eyes from sweat and the sun as well as your head from those stinging BBS


These are the top 10 tactical gear that is necessary went you play airsoft. You will have more fun if you come prepared.